How does it work

You order your sim or esim with a data package or with a balance.

If you already have a SIM or an eSIM, you can order a balance or buy a new data package.

If you buy a data package, we will activate the data package on the desired date.

If you buy loose balance, we will put the balance on your sim. Your sim then has a monthly fee of 1 euro. The sim remains active as long as it has balance. You use international data according to normal data rates.

If your SIM has a balance, you can use the balance for a data package. The package costs will be deducted from your balance. Your sim remains active after the package has expired.

A sim that has no balance or no data package will be made inactive. An inactive sim can be reactivated later by ordering a new balance or a new data package. You can use your sim this way for years to come.

You can see all usage costs here:

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