• Als u een sim of e-sim koopt, dan kunt u die sim/e-sim ook in de toekomst gebruiken.
  • U koopt saldo of een data pakket, en u kunt zorgeloos internetten in het buitenland.
  • We bieden ook data pakketten die een heel jaar geldig zijn.

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All the Benefits of Our Sims and eSIMS

All our SIMs and e-SIMs are prepaid. Your costs are limited to the amount you purchased in advance.

The prepaid data SIM cards and e-SIMs have identical data prices and data packages.

Our sims work in 191 countries. You can use the SIM/ESIM for a long time.

You buy a SIM card with balance or with a data package. You must have a balance on the SIM to use it. You can buy more balance later or order another data package.

You can always leave your SIM card active and/or use the SIM with a data package.

If you always want the SIM/ESIM active, the SIM has a monthly fee of 1 euro.

If you want to use your SIM with a data package, there are no fixed costs. The SIM is only active during the term of the data package.

You can always leave your SIM active and use data packages when necessary. Data is cheaper with the data packages. If the package term has expired or if data in the package has been fully used, normal data rates will apply again.

An inactive SIM can be reactivated at a later time by purchasing a new balance or a new data package.